Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let the sun shine in!

Today was a glorious day, weather-wise, which is why I'm going to ignore all of the other crap, and tell you all about the sunshine and the blue sky and the birds and the sunshine. It was beautiful. Still chilly, but with enough sunshine that the cold doesn't bother you, and is just nice and brisk. I walked to class in the afternoon sans coat and it was wonderful. :)

Enough about the weather.

I finally got my computer to boot today, which also helped the day be better. It's been trying to off itself for a while now, and I thought today it had succeeded. Didn't think it could get worse than this, did you?:

I'm currently writing this blog with Gilmore Girls in the background. My roommate has the first two seasons on DVD and I am so thankful for that. :)

I also finally got a frame for my Hair poster, which I have temporarily placed next to my lovely begonias that I purchased:

It's signed by much of the cast, but is unfortunately lacking the signatures of Bryce Ryness and Gavin Creel, two of my favorites. But this makes up for it:

Yeah, that's us on the green room couches of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. Be extremely jealous.

I still need to watch this week's Lost, and get caught up on The Office.

Apparently this go-round of the ABC-Disney Television Writing Fellowship has started up, and has me thinking a lot about it. I really want to apply for it next time, which means I need to get writing. I've started thinking about shows to write spec scripts for, to have a few on hand. Any ideas?



  1. One word. CASTLE.

    Hey, your begonia is pretty! Good job!! But your poor laptop! This is the first time I've actually SEEN it. Bless its heart . . .

  2. A Day in the Life of a College Student. . . The excitement, the drama, the boredom, the stress. . .
    good luck finding a topic :)

  3. Be wary of the CRT monitor. You know that it could possibly give you a tan, or radiation sickness. haha.