Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walking in (cyber)Space

As part of my grand aspiration to become a writer in TV land, I decided that I really need to write more and more often. I find it difficult most of the time to just write, so this is going to be a (fingers crossed) daily regimen to make myself a better writer and a better person.
I'm not going to do the stock intro post, because I've done that far, far too many times. This is roughly the fourth blog that I've begun in my lifetime, including my attempt at livejournaling. Hey, I was fifteen once.
I just returned (okay, I use the phrase "just returned", but it was a few weeks ago) from my first trip to New York City, which was absolutely phenomenal. I fell in love with the city, the people, the atmosphere, etc. Just amazing. I also found this place in the village that I didn't get to go in because it was closed:

Song of the day: Perfect for You - Next To Normal - Adam Chanler-Berat and Jennifer Damiano

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  1. That has to be the best store-name I've ever seen . .. welcome back to blog-land!