Monday, February 8, 2010

Doctor, oh Doctor, I'm begging you please, to rid me of madness, and cure this disease

This is day one of "Emily's First Steps to Betterment Through A Healthy Routine".

Today I:

  • Went to the gym on campus and worked out
  • Did homework
  • Had a Doctor Who marathon
  • Got caught up on this season of NCIS
A good start to a better life. And now I'm blogging, which was also one of the things I planned to do today.

I'm already a little nostalgic about David Tennant as the Doctor, so I needed a little of that in my life at the moment. I am, however, really freaking excited about NEW Who in MARCH. MARCH!! I'm still devastated that he's gone. Le sigh.

I DID find an article that confirms Neil Gaiman's plans to write an episode of Doctor Who that will air in 2011, which is just, to quote Nine, fantastic. :)

My mother will be disappointed to find out that I'm an episode (after tonight, two) episode(s) behind on Castle, one of my loves. I have so much television to catch up on right now, it's a little bit ridiculous. I have 15 items in my Hulu queue. If you're interested, they are:
  • Caprica (1)
  • Fringe (2)
  • The Office (3)
  • 30 Rock (1)
  • Psych (2)
  • Castle (1)
  • V (4)
Did I just hear Mark Sheppard (Badger on Firefly) narrating a Man Vs. Wild commercial on Discovery Channel? Hmmmm. Interesting.


  1. At least next week is a Castle rerun, so you can get caught up. You missed a good one . . . Nice David Tennant pic, by the way.

  2. I should have been smart, like you, and just made my goal in life something that justified watching lots of TV. If you succeed it will be pure genius.