Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of zombies and daisies

There are really only three things that I remember about my dream last night.

They are, in order:

  1. A used bookstore in NYC
  2. My being in a band
  3. Zombie apocalypse
I don't know what that means, but as long as it's not prophetic in any way (except maybe the first and second parts) I should be okay.

I didn't receive the next disc of Wonderfalls today. Netflix had it in his head that I would be getting it Tuesday, but it is now Wednesday, and my poor little disappointed self can only take so much. I'll be putting my account on hold shortly after, anyway. Money's tight. :(

I've been on a Bryan Fuller kick lately, rewatching Pushing Daisies with a friend of mine who had never seen it and rewatching some of Dead Like Me by myself. I've said this before, but I feel it merits repeating: Bryan Fuller is brilliant. His style is so imaginative and awesome. I want more than two seasons of him at one go!

He's apparently working on a Pushing Daisies comic to follow-up the series, which is way way awesome! Can't wait for that. And, he's purportedly working on pilots for NEW shows, including one for NBC called Sellevision, based on Augusten Burrough's novel of the same name about a Home Shopping Network-type television company. He also has another NBC script in the works, a comedy about an animal shelter, entitled No Kill.

I would really love to work with Bryan Fuller someday. The idea of making beautiful television like his makes me a little bit giddy.

"Can't we say "alive again"? Doesn't that sound nice?" - Ned the Piemaker

ALSO! It's Joss Whedon's birthday! I totally would have done an all Whedon post in his honor if I hadn't just now remembered. But there we are. I suck as a fangirl. I am appropriately ashamed. Happy birthday, Joss. :)


  1. Hey, well 1. Never been in a used bookstore in NYC, never been to NYC anyways. 2. I was in a band, it was ok. 3. Now, zombies, I know all the tricks for survival. :D

  2. I would only survive a zombie Apocalypse if I had Emily's shirt with me - the one that tells all the ways to survive zombie attacks...

  3. hahaha. I watch so many zombie movies. I don't know why I enjoy them. But there's something fun about them. :D